Frontier X Launch Video

by runchuckit, 5 years ago
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Fourth Frontier Technologies has worked to create Frontier X, a first-of-its kind wearable device for endurance sports enthusiasts that more accurately measures the key physiological signals that determine “how” one is doing, versus “what” one is doing.

Current sports wearable technology relies on a limited set of metrics, such as GPS pace and heart rate, to quantify effort. However, heart rate has been shown to be an unreliable indicator since psychological and external factors such as heat, altitude and caffeine, can cause fluctuations and introduce errors in computing effort. GPS pace is also an unreliable indicator of effort since it does not capture the effect of wind and incline well.

Designed by a team of biomedical engineers and doctors, Frontier X is a next-gen, chest-worn device that uses advanced algorithms to accurately measure breathing rate and cardiac strain.

Learn more: www.fourthfrontier.com

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