It doesn't matter if you're slow or fast, if you run 1 mile or 100, if you're a first time runner or if you have been running your whole life: Cleveland West Road Runners Club welcomes you!

Cleveland West Road Runners Club (CWRRC) is one of the oldest and most well regarded running clubs in the greater Cleveland area.  Founded in the mid-1970's, for 40 years CWRRC has been promoting an active lifestyle centered on running of all forms.  The club welcomes and encourages participants of all abilities, from basic walkers through premier runners, and all ages from youth to senior athletes still engaging in their 80's and beyond.  By offering a widening range of events the club aims to further expand current membership and grow our outreach in the NE Ohio running community.  

Each week the club hosts 2-3 group runs at various local venues such as the Cleveland Metroparks.  The club sponsors at least three major races each year including the Fall Classic 1/2 marathon and 5K, the July 4th Bay Days 5-miler and 1 mile fun run, and a major race in the Spring.  These races together draw several thousand participants of all ages from all over.  The Fall Classic and Bay Days races have been running now for over 40 years and are among the most popular races in northeast Ohio. We now host a women's- only 10K/5K in the Spring. We're thrilled to focus on and celebrate the strength and empowerment of women runners.

Cleveland West Road Runners Club is committed to giving back to the community to organizations whose mission aligns closely with the goals of the club.  CWRRC operates as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and each year donates profits from the major races to local charities and organizations.

Through the success of club races in 2018 CWRRC donated nearly $14,000 to area organizations including:

Cleveland Metroparks Trail Fund

Girls with Sole

Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation

​The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society​

​Out Run Ovarian Cancer (OROC)​

Bay Village Community Band​

Classic at Mastick/Runiversity

An additional mission of Cleveland West Road Runners is to encourage young people to become active and interested in running.  The club offers free or substantially subsidized entry to all of races to youth age 14 and under.  In 2018, over 330 young people enjoyed the excitement of a running race, some for the first time.

Cleveland West Road Runners Club is a non-profit member club of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).  CWRRC accepts dues which are spent by volunteer officers (elected by club members).  A portion of the dues is paid to the RRCA, which provides insurance and organizational assistance.  We use  dues and other  funds to organize the events and to donate to charitable causes.  At no time do we distribute funds to officers or members who serve as volunteers.  All meetings and events are open to all members at all times; no one is excluded.

For more information go to - https://www.clewestrunningclub.org/#/

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