Columbus, March 3, By Matt McGowan - The 23rd annual Arnold 5K Pump & Run was one of the events held during the 36th annual Arnold Sports Festival.  1,000 athletes registered for the Arnold 5K Pump & Run from twenty-seven States, Washington D.C. and Canada. This event is the largest of its' kind in the World.

Healthy Kids Running Series was created to motivate kids to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through a positive introduction to the world of running!

The March 3rd Arnold 5K Pump & Run reached the limit of 1,000 athletes and registration is now closed.

The print RUNOHIO layout person for the past thirty three years retired.  I have been trying to find a replacement and it has been difficult.  My web person, Chuck Bartlett decided he would try to layout this issue. We were hoping to print a month ago but Chuck unexpectedly had some surgery and isn’t able to work because of his surgery.  Hopefully, he will be back on his feet next few months.  Luckily, I was able to get Cliff Wiltshire to lay out this issue.  I have known him for over twenty years when he worked for the Suburban News Publication.  He is now the editor of the Clintonville Spotlight and Worthington Spotlight.  He also helped me find my new printer last year.

 photo by Kevin Morris

(USATF) - ORLANDO — Making her marathon debut a record-breaking one, 25-year-old Fiona O'Keeffe stunned the running world with her 2:22:10 win at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon Saturday morning. O'Keeffe, whose only previous national title was a USATF 10 Mile Championships win in 2022, pulled away from a deep pack of superb American women after 18 miles to claim the ultimate crown in U.S. marathoning and become the youngest-ever winner of the women's Trials. PLUS image galley