If you are a solo runner, you know the benefits that come from fueling your body wisely. When runners gather in teams, however, they can easily be swayed to participate in group meals that may focus less on nutrition and more on fun foods. (Nachos and wings, anyone?) Coaches may find it hard to convince all of their runners to fuel responsibly. Yet the team that fuels wisely will have an edge over the team that eats a sub-optimal sports diet, particularly when traveling to competitive events.


Hopefully you are doing well and looking forward to more in person racing this Spring and you are able to get in some running this winter to test your fitness in an upcoming race. 

by Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD - Believe it or not, eating a good sports diet can be simple. Yet too many runners have created a complex and confusing eating program with good and bad foods, lots of rules, and plenty of guilt. Let’s get back to the basics and enjoy performance-enhancing fueling with thesesimple ABC’s for winning nutrition.

After over forty years of coaching it looks like Matt McGowan will not be coaching next fall.  

When the final race of 2020 was over at the State Championship, many positive thoughts emerged, despite enduring the most tumultuous season in Ohio history.