By Clayton Murphy and JT Olson - While there may not seem to be as much movement when it comes to the attempt to save cross country, there actually has been quite a bit:

We have continued each day to research, fight and defend our program. Speaking with experts in financial, Title IX, also with the media and the prominent alumni and community members from not just cross country and track and field.

The track and field program has been hit extremely hard with the recommended financial cuts from the athletic department. These cuts not only include men’s cross country, but a large amount of scholarships, a coaching position and almost a quarter of the operating budget. No other sport except men’s golf and women’s tennis has been targeted as much as track and field.

The track and field program is the most successful enterprise on campus when it comes to success, financially along with the opportunities and diversity it brings the University of Akron. Below is attached information that further supports the success aspect, University of Akron is ranked 11th in the country per continuous scoring/placing streaks at NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Championships. The sport of track and field also is 2nd most popular sport when it comes to male high school participation and the most for female. Eliminating cross country and making serious cuts to to the overall team drastically hurts a program that offers opportunities to a very diverse group of high school athletes looking to participate at the next level.

Track and field as a whole is, by its very nature, a sport that requires a diverse set of athletes to cover all the disciplines. Cutting away cross country totally eliminates one of those disciplines and that is unacceptable. We, as Akron track and field athletes, have been taught that a well-rounded team brings out the best in all of us. The results speak for themselves. We want the track and field team to remain strong as an entire unit.

There are alumni of other sports programs who have taken up the fight, especially Karl Schwarzinger. He's a former basketball player in the 1970s and has really stood up for this and done his best to learn and understand our positions and the data that has been gathered. Karl has become a very strong supporter of our program and has put in many hours to help us defend, and fight along side us.

There is also now momentum and precedent from other schools around the nation to reinstate programs that were initially proposed in cuts. We feel this is a great thing because it shows that reinstatement IS an option and IS the one that should be exercised. Schools like Brown reinstated the entire men’s track and field program and Bowling Green recently reinstating baseball.

*****We need to continue to drum up support, and vocal support, at that. Spread the word. Have people email or call President Miller: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 330-972-7869 and let him know how much the program has meant to you in whatever role you play: as an athlete, a parent, a grandparent, a community member, etc.*****

Please share this with anyone who you may feel would also stand up and show their support for such a successful program that has a great “track” record of success on and off the track. This website is an easy way to share information for anyone interested in pledging financially or reading through the research we have put together.


 The website, SaveAkronXC.com, is being updated more by Maria and with input from various sources.

 The fight will continue until the University of Akron decides to correct the mistakes they are making, this is not over and will not be until they do. Thank you for your support and helping us fight to save men’s cross country and tradition of the entire track and field program!