The 2020 Arnold 5K Pump & Run and Arnold 5K were held even though the Arnold Sports Festival Expo was canceled due to COVID-19. 

There was no Arnold Sports Festival Expo in 2021. Normally, registration for the Arnold 5K Pump & Run and Arnold 5K starts on November 1st. However, registration for 2022 is currently being delayed.  

The Arnold Sports Festival is the brainchild of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Central Ohio’s own, James Lorimer. Together, they have nurtured what began as a bodybuilding competition in Columbus in 1978 into one of the most popular and innovative sports festivals in the world. Mr. Lorimer is now 95 years young, and his wife, Martha Jean, passed away last May. Understandably, there have been some changes in the Columbus office that has produced the event since its inception.

Matt McGowan and Tim Pancher have been co-chairs of the Arnold 5K Pump and Run/Arnold 5K for the 20 year history of the event.  Because of the changes and challenges of the past 2 years, they are still working out the logistics and organization for the event.  Hopefully, registration will begin December 1st for the March 6, 2022 event.

Please check back later at www.runohio.com and https://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com  for more information!