The 93rd annual Boys and 44th annual Girls Ohio High School Athletic Association Cross Country Championships Saturday, November 6th at Fortress Obetz .

Race Times:
Division III - girls at 9:00 AM; boys at 10:00 AM
Division II - girls at 12:00 PM; boys at 1:00 PM
Division I - girls at 3:00 PM; boys at 4:00 PM

More Informationhttps://www.ohsaa.org/Sports-Tournaments/Cross-Country/Cross-Country-2021/2021-Cross-Country-Tournament-Coverage

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2021 USATF Lake Erie Association Open, Masters 5km Cross Country Championship and Junior Olympic Meet - Saturday, November 13 at Columbiana H. S. http://www.runohio.com/index.php/news-features/news/209-2021-usatf-lake-erie-association-open-masters-5km-cross-country-championship-and-the-jo-meet 

2021 Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches Annual Cross Country Clinic - Friday, November 19 at the Marriott Columbus Airport.

2021 Mid-East Cross Country Championship - Saturday, November 20 at the Kettering Indian Riffle Park.
The Mid-East Cross Country Championships presents the best 12 high school men & women senior runners from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and other area states. https://www.oatccc.com/Athletes/Compete/Mideast-Cross-Country-Championships/?mc_cid=050afe51d0&mc_eid=712bb982ab 

Good Luck!