By Rod O'Donnell 

The sports world is relatively easy to understand; however, there are some practices that confuse me. Several of these mysteries have a definite impact on the sport of track and field, while others do not. Regardless, the following points present challenges as to why they occur:

The Youngstown Road Runners Club was founded in the spring of 1975 and held weekly races at a cost of 50 cents per runner.  The club soon joined up with Road Runners Clubs of America.  Membership was $5 per individual and approximately 1100 joined.

SEOTR all started with one goal - to help foster a community of trail runners in Southeastern Ohio.

By Randy & Tia Accetta (Randy is the RRCA Director of Coaching Education) - RRCA recommends all members, in accordance with current Federal guidelines, to cancel or postpone all events/organized group training runs/group training programs if these activities occur between now and the end of April and beyond based on local and state government regulations.

By Richard Ferguson, Ph.D. - The elusive concept called confidence is one topic, which is continually bantered about in all sport pursuits. Does confidence lead to success, or does success lead to confidence? Is confidence believing you will never fail? Can confidence lead to less anxiety? All of these are questions, which are often discussed by athletes, coaches and sport psychologists alike.