Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD  - Once upon a time (before WW-II), daily life revolved around structured meals: enjoying a hearty breakfast, a dinner (at noon), and supper (at night). When women entered the workforce, eating patterns changed—lighter breakfasts and lunches, with bigger family-focused dinners. Fast forward to pre-COVID 2020, youth sports and life’s busy-ness totally disrupted dinner-times; structured meals got lost in the shuffle.

The JOURNAL OF YOUTH RUNNING is introducing RUNNING SHORTS as a tool to communicate important messages in a timely manner. This addition to our format is triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. It is important that we send the message that the running community is not going to surrender to the crisis. Even with no track season, no road races, and running clubs suspending all activity, runners will not stop running, stop coaching, or stop encouraging others by example to be fit, strong, healthy. 

By Dan Horvath
 - The Medina County Road Runners (MCRR) club was founded in 2007. A grassroots effort of volunteerism began and allowed this non-profit club to flourish and grow and to continue to set goals for the future. We are 'every runner'; there is a place for everyone within this club. Our members range from those that simply run to stay in shape to those that live to compete. We are slow and fast. We run just one mile and have done hundred-mile races. We are record-setters, national champions, and Boston qualifiers, and we are just getting ready for our first 5K. We have been running for less than a year and we have been running our whole lives. We are ever-evolving in our goals.

PHOTO – Pixabay / Composita

Running is one of the pastimes that hasn’t particularly suffered from recent world events; outdoor exercise has been permitted in most areas and that has led to a resurgence of interest in running.