Mark your calendar for three races in Circleville this summer/fall.  The Roundtown Classic 5K/5 Miler July 16th, Dog Days 5K August 6th  and the 35th annual Circleville Classic 5 Miler October 22nd

Question: Is beer good for runners? 

Answer (courtesy of running legend Jim Fixx):“Sure, if it's the other runner drinking it!"

With the smell of spring flowers and budding trees, April starts the spring/summer racing season. Now that road racing is almost back to normal many athletes will be testing their winter training in an upcoming 5K or 10K.  A number of runners will also test their fitness in a spring half marathon or marathon.

Let Them Lead, a new book by John Bacon, will become a welcome addition to any coach’s library. The New York Times’ best-selling author has written 13 books, and each one has been informative and entertaining. His most-recent publication is a “tool box” for anyone in a leadership position.

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