During a long run, I snack on M&Ms to boost my energy.
After a hard track workout, chocolate milk is my go-to recovery food!
How bad—or good—is chocolate for me?

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The OHSAA recently added boys’ volleyball as a sanctioned sport. This will probably not be the last addition to a growing list of official “sports”, as the organization is considering e-sports among its future offerings. Consider this – many states governing organizations who oversee high school extracurricular activities have added squash, rugby, surfing, air riflery, rock climbing, bass fishing, trap shooting, canoe paddling, kayaking, and badminton to their list of sanctioned sports.

As a sports nutritionist, I commonly counsel runners and other athletes who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—generally referred to as ADHD (or ADD). ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention. It affects 4-10% of all American children and an estimated 4.4% of adults (ages 18-44 years). ADHD usually peaks when kids are 7 or 8 years old. Some of the ADHD symptoms diminish with maturation but 65-85% of the kids with AHDH go on to become adults with ADHD.

“I lost 10 pounds and vowed to keep them off, but no such luck. I’m so discouraged.” 

“I got to my desired racing weight, then BOOM, I regained all the lost pounds after the marathon.”

“This is my third time losing 40 pounds...”