At the 2023 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting (ACSM; acsm.org), more than 3,000 sports medicine professionals and researchers from around the globe gathered to share knowledge.

While treating an injury is specific to the type injury and background of the runner, many aspects are general in nature and can be discussed in an article such as this. However, don't consider this to be a cure-all, only a first step.  If it works in your case, good.  If not, seek personal and more experienced advice.  But this is a good place to start.

The American College of Sports (ACSM.org) is a professional organization for sport science researchers, exercise physiologists, dietitians, doctors, and athlete care-providers each year, at ACSM’s Annual Meeting, more than 3,000 sports medicine professionals and scientists from around the globe gather to present their latest research

The life of Running Times magazine ended with the 2016 January/February issue, thus terminating one of the best running periodicals ever published.

Ken Norton’s first novel, When Legends Run Free, is a must-read for anyone who has participated in, coached, or has been associated in some way, with the sport of cross-country. The author, who was a Division II All-American at Southwest Missouri and was coached by the legendary Chuck Hunsaker, captures the true essence of the sport and the dedicated athletes who participate in it.