SEOTR all started with one goal - to help foster a community of trail runners in Southeastern Ohio.

Running can connect people.  Battling through extreme weather to reach the finish, running up over a ridge top and seeing the misty morning sunrise, or walking slowly through a hushed pine forest on the needle-lined trail beneath your feet - these moments are known and shared by all trail runners.  In Southeastern Ohio, we are blessed with numerous parks and forests, with miles and miles of lush singletrack trails.  It is on these trails that friendships are formed and a community of trail running starts to take shape.

 Trail running provides the runner with a lived experience.  It is the culmination of experiences that bring you back to the trails time after time.  When races are organized, these moments become shared experiences.  Whether you are racing for 30 minutes or an ultra taking 10 hours or many more, it is a challenge against body, mind, and terrain that each runner experiences.  This is what makes our community so special.

We know there are hundreds of wonderful events in beautiful places throughout the country, but if you choose to take part in an SEOTR Event, we hope you have awesome experiences in what we believe is a special place - Southeastern Ohio.

Our mission has always been and will always be to promote trail running in Southeastern Ohio as a recreational activity.  Over the years we've found ways how we can best serve that mission.  One of the biggest ways we give back to the community is by hosting trail races, but that is not all.  SEOTR has also given back by volunteering time to upkeep and maintain trails and giving away free shoes to local high school runners.  SEOTR will continue to grow these areas as we become more well-known.

Read more about SEOTR - https://www.seotrevents.com   


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