By Randy & Tia Accetta (Randy is the RRCA Director of Coaching Education) - Runners are optimistic by nature, but it’s hard to super optimistic in the face of the current public health crisis of coronavirus and COVID-19.  As an athlete, you may be feeling a little down, a bit stressed, and a lot unmotivated.

As a coach, you may be uncertain about what workouts to recommend for your athletes.
As a running community leader, you may be uncertain about how to manage your community.
Indeed, the runners in our group are asking all sorts of questions about training.  Is running with other dangerous?  Will running workouts compromise my ability to fight off the coronavirus?  If races are cancelled, how am I going to stay motivated to train?  
Let's look at some strategies for getting through this.  We’ll concentrate on public health, community leadership, financial issues, personal health, training advice, and motivation. READ MORE