Matt McGowan and Tim Pancher have been co-chairs of the Arnold 5K Pump & Run/Arnold 5K for the 20 year history of the event. Because of the changes and challenges of the past 2 years, they are still working out the logistics and organization for the event. Hopefully, registration will begin December 1st for the March 6, 2022 event.

The 2020 Arnold 5K Pump & Run and Arnold 5K were held even though the Arnold Sports Festival Expo was canceled due to COVID-19. 

The 93rd annual Boys and 44th annual Girls Ohio High School Athletic Association Cross Country Championships Saturday, November 6th at Fortress Obetz .

Granville Ohio is a quaint new England Style town filled with distinctive architecture and friendly neighbors. Stroll down our shady streets. https://www.granvilleoh.com 

History is a subject that provides guidelines for achieving success in the future or avoiding past mistakes. It is an integral part of sports or any other segment of our society.