Clayton Murphy an Akron graduate

Not one MAC school makes money in football – But they cut cross country which travel budget is probably just a few thousand dollars.  When Ohio University dropped their men’s track & field team they still keep the 5 scholarships which were used for CC and they had the same coaches for T&F and CC. - but they all hope to make it big time. 

All MAC schools get money from the general funds/students fees for football.  I did a lot of research when Ohio University dropped their men’s track & field program years ago.  Most MAC school loses a million dollars or more a year in football.  Only about 25 or so Division I schools make money in football.

I did a few internet searches – one stated Akron Lost $4.2 million dollars in football in 2012..I am sure today figures would be about the same..

More - $169 million in subsidies for college sports from student fees, and other university funds -Receiving the largest university or student subsidy last year (2018) were the athletic departments at Cincinnati ($24,892,123), Akron ($23,813,277) and Miami ($23,771,560).