Happy Thanksgiving - The staff of RUNOHIO would like to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.  As many run a Thanksgiving Day race (many virtual races), watch a parade on Television RUNIOHIO hopes you are able to enjoy time with your family and friends while staying healthy. 

 Small Business Saturday

Every time you pick up a coffee at your local café, grab lunch at the mom-and-pop shop, buy a pair of running shoes or any other product/service at a locally owned store, you're making an impact in your community. In fact, for every dollar spent at a small business in the U.S., approximately 67 cents stays in the local community.  I hope you can support your locally owned businesses on this 11th anniversary of Small Business Saturday and throughout the year.  With COVID 19 issues It is especially important you support local businesses during this season.

RUNOHIO Subscription Small Business Saturday Special

Take advantage of the RUNOHIO Subscription Small Business Saturday Special/Running Club Special price of $8 for a year’s subscription to the print RUNOHIO -   https://www.signmeup.com/73728